August, 10, 1968 Charleston, West Virginia Piedmont Airlines, Flight 230 Fairchild-Hiller FH-227B N712U Crashed on approach to Kanawha County Airport in poor visibility. The aircraft was being operated under VFR when it entered a shallow fog overlying the approach lights. Thirty-five of 37 aboard killed. PIC: Pilot-in-command / Captain COP: Co-Pilot TWR: Tower

08.55:00 PIC Well, looks like our altimeters were within reason
COP Yeah
PIC Yeah, I like that altimeter
COP Boy, you know it, reads right about the middle marker there
PIC Yeah
COP I always watch that radio altimeter
[Sound of person whistling]
08.55:35.3 PIC I go by this one on a field like this close one
COP Yeah
08.55:41.1 [Sound of power increase]
PIC There's too many valleys here
PIC Ask him, John, ask him if he's got his lights turned all the way up
08.55:55 COP Have you got the lights turned all the way up?
[Sound of power increase]
TWR Sure do, uh, a little fog, right off the end there and it's wide open after you get by that, it's more than a mile-and-a- half on the runway
08.56:05.2 PIC Fuel trim
08.56:09.1 ? I'm going to hold this altitude
08.56:24.6 COP I got the lights in sight down low. Got it?
08.56:26 [Sound of power reduction]
PIC In sight, thank you.
COP Everything's good.
08.56:32.3 PIC Landing flaps
08.56:37.2 COP I got the chart right here we're liable to lose it.
08.56:42 COP Got the charts there?
PIC Yeah, boy.
08.56:49 [Sound of power reduction]
08.56:51 [Sound of power increase]
08.56:51.9 COP Watch it!
08.56:53.2  [Sound of impact]